Training & Ongoing Support Services for School Boards

Equipping Christian school governing boards to effectively identify and oversee their school’s mission.

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Policy Governance® Training

Implementing John Carver’s model called Policy Governance®, we work with governing boards to clearly define roles, set expectations, and create accountability so that Christian schools can succeed. Our goal is to help boards establish a consistent focus on the overall purpose of the school so that administrators are able to implement an action plan for meeting the goals that align with that purpose. By this method, boards and administrators can operate more efficiently and effectively.

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Resources & Continuing Education

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Our Excel Still More program is developed as an additional followup to our Policy Governance® implementation training. Through this program, we provide one-on-one consulting as needed, access to resources for continuing education, group training conferences, and more.

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Head of School Search

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” That is not simply a well-worn phrase, but a reality. When your reality necessitates a change at the highest level of management leadership in your Christian school, we are available to assist. With over 150 years of combined Christian education experience on the Graybeal & Associates team, we are uniquely equipped to understand and walk with you through the process of discerning who might be the best fit for your next Head of School.

If your school wants to conduct its own Head of School search (without the use of a search consultant for the whole process) yet would like a knowledgeable person to help get started and clarify the steps, we can help with that too.

Church/School Relations

Whether separately incorporated or not, developing and maintaining a healthy relationship between a church and a school can be challenging. Years of experience and observation in church/school settings help us provide not only a way to think about the issues, but also tangible steps of action toward improvement.

Safeguard your Organization

Christian schools and ministries are increasingly challenged and threatened with lawsuits for merely being faithful to their mission and biblical beliefs. To stand up to these challenges, Christian organizations need to be familiar with their religious rights guaranteed in American law. The most serious conflicts, legal liabilities, and reputational injuries suffered by schools and Christian ministries can often be prevented.

Graybeal & Associates patiently assisted us in writing our policies.

Gail Hockerman, Former Board Trustee, Capistrano Valley Christian Schools, CA

We began the search for a Head of School unassisted, and it was apparent our reach was very narrow and unsuccessful. Graybeal and Associates' vetting process found a candidate that I am confident we would never have identified otherwise.

Scott Humphrey, Board Member, Christian Heritage School, GA

I cannot begin to relate in a simple email the extent to which Phil Graybeal helped bring peace and order to our Head of School search effort and to my frantic thought processes.

David A. Williams, Board Member, Rosehill Christian School, TX

In my opinion and based on my experience, there's no better model than Policy Governance for effectively governing a school.

Julie Ambler, Head of School at The Woodlands Christian Academy, TX