Planning & Coaching for School Administrators

Transforming Christian schools by equipping administrators to take actionable steps toward achieving their mission.

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Strategic Planning

Once the Board has made clear the desired ends of the school and clarified key boundaries of management operation, it is up to the administration to design the “sailing chart” on how to get there from here. The Graybeal & Associates, LLC team has facilitated multiple strategic planning processes over the years and is available to assist you with a time-tested and biblically consistent approach that focuses on real results.

Life & Leadership Coaching

Ever wish you had someone to talk to who can…

  • Listens and seeks to understand first?
  • Is trained to help you process the challenges you face and find solutions?
  • Can help you navigate a transition or take on a new opportunity?
  • Can provide an objective one-on-one perspective in a supportive context?
  • Can help you get off a current “plateau” or find a way out of life’s overwhelming busyness?
  • Can help you translate God-given dreams for the future into workable steps toward reality?

The coaching we offer is described as the artfully deliberate process of unleashing a client’s creativity to fulfill God’s intended purposes.

Task-Specific Coaching/Training

The busy life of a Christian school administrator often includes some duties that are outside the specific giftedness or past experience of the leader. Wouldn’t it be helpful to talk with someone who has “been there, done that”? Whether it be building a budget, advancement/development, conflict resolution, church school relations, instructional supervision, spiritual formation and assessment, or whatever the issue…we would be glad to help you or help find someone who can.

As the superintendent, I am empowered to truly lead.

Zach Kassebaum, Superintendent, Lincoln Christian School, NE

Graybeal & Associates takes a subject that could be very dry and you walk away not only knowing about Policy Governance clearly but also gleaning a lot about leadership and stewardship.

Robb Warfield, Superintendent, Dakar Academy Schools, Senegal

Phil's training on Policy Governance is one of the most helpful training sessions that I have participated in during my 40 year career as a school administrator.

Joe Rosa, Director of Kiev Christian Academy, Ukraine